Vendor Tents and Marketing Tents

Commercial grade vendor tent
Designs for rugged and regular use. These EZ style vendor tents collapse via a snap lock system using heavy duty commercial frames and the tops are coated 500D fire retardant polyester commercial grade material that allows us to dye sublimate vibrant and colorfast full color with unlimited graphics for a tent that will look good today and a year from now. Unlike vinyl that is painted and cracks, or silk screen or digital print , these are a better solution for durability and graphics application.



Custom Tablecloths and Tablethrows for tents and tradeshows

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Feather Flags at Wholesale


Whether indoors or outdoors, these tents are great for parking lot sales, trade shows and vendor gatherings, as well as any event. Consider a custom table throw and a feather flag to complete your package. Priced at the lowest price possible, you will find our tents to be your best value. We do not use vinyl, we do not use 300 denier or nylon. We do not use a light duty frame and we do not digital print (scratches or silk screen) and we do not use imported tent frames that are sometimes impossible to get parts for.. The aforementioned methods produce an carefree experience and a durable tent. Like everything we make, we only make the best for the best value and we make it right here in the USA

Custom Banners

Wholesale Direct

This is a genuine top quality commercial grade custom canopy tent with the EZ UP style snap and lock frame system in a top quality commercial frame. These are below industry wholesale price for this configuration. We spare no expense in quality , material or workmanship. 

We do not use light duty frames and pass them off as commercial grade.
We do not use 300 denier or light polyester.
We do not silk screen or digital print.
We do not charge per logo or art instance

We DO use 500 Denier Fire Retardant Coated Polyester
We DO dye sublimate for most vibrant and colorfast graphic results
We DO use a heavy duty commercial snap and lock frame.
We DO give you unlimited full color graphics and no limit on art instances

There are many ways to cut corners. We do not. In keeping with our mission statement to always provide the best made unit for the very best value designed and made to achieve the highest return on the investment for our customer, we can assure you that this is genuinely the best value for a logo tent or special event tent or trade show tent. )

Pop Up Event Tent for Business and Marketing
  • Heavy Duty Frame
  • Commercial Grade FR rated Top
  • Unlimited Graphics instances
  • Unlimited Full Color Graphics
  • 2 Step paper to Heat Press Dye Sub Art
  • Most Vibrant and Colorfast Graphics
  • All design and art set up included
  • Vectorizing Service avail if needed
  • Wholesale Direct
  • Made in the USA.
  • 1 year warranty
  • Quantiy Discounts Available



Top and Frame

Full Back Wall

42”H  Side Wall

10 FT H Side Wall

Pro Travel Bag

05 x 05

5x5 tent






08 x 08

8x8 tent






10 x 10

10x10 tent






15 x 10

10x15 tent






20 x 10

10x20 tent






Unlimited art included in prices / $1000 off retail

3 year Warranty against defects

These are top quality commercial vendor event and business tents for industry wholesale direct. We manufacture here in Tustin, CA to the highest standards of material, workmanship and quality.

Our Quality, Workmanship and Material is what sets us apart!

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10 x 10 FT Tent with Photo Back Wall

10x10_Backwall 4

10x10_Backwall-Sidewalls 4

10x10_Backwall-Sidewalls-TableCover 2

10 x 10 FT Promotional Tent

20x10 Custom Canopy Event Tent

Our tent is the real deal on value. This is made here in CA. We have some pretty upset competitors who are not happy about our price. They try to confuse our clients by telling them that they silk screen or digitally print and that we just dye sublimate. Well, the old saying goes, if you can’t impress them with the facts, baffle them with @#$@#!.  Dye sublmated graphics using nano ink and quality paper is a labor intensive process that ensures the most vibrant and durable results. Silk screen and digital print does not come close and is certainly less durable and will scratch as the image is on the outside of the fiber, not embedded into it. We put much effort into providing and manufacturing the best tent possible for the lowest below wholesale price. If you have any doubts, call and request a reference.

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Our customer retention rate is almost 100%. We stand behind our USA products and many have lifetime free repairs.